Hello Chinese People of Cirebon!!

Chinese Cirebon

I am not Racist about my Culture and my Family from Cirebon. I am Just Chinese Peranakan Not Pure Chinese From Mother Javanese Moslem and Father Chinese (Peranakan Also). Chinese Peranakan very familiar in Cirebon, You must know He Looks Chinese but have religion moslem From The Book Javanese, Peranakan, and Chinese Elites in Cirebon: Changing Ethnic Boundaries.

Chinese Cirebon
Chinese Cirebon

Actually,  Cirebon (formerly referred to as Cheribon in English) is a port city on the north coast of the Indonesian island of Java. It is located in the province of West Java near the provincial border with Central Java, approximately 297 km east of Jakarta, at  WikiMiniAtlas6°43′S 108°34′E.

The urban core of Cirebon is very small in extent, however, its dense suburbs sprawl into the surrounding regency; the official metropolitan area encompasses this regency as well as the city, and covers an area of 1,025.82 km2, with a 2010 Census population of 2,366,340.

The city’s population was 298,224 at the Indonesia Census of 2010. As with other coastal cities in Indonesia, a large population of ethnic Chinese has flocked into the city as a result of long-term Chinese immigration since the 17th century. Significant suburbs lie within densely populated Cirebon Regency, and the official metropolitan area encompasses this entire regency as well as the city.

Batik textiles from Cirebon, especially Cirebon batik with vivid colors with motifs and patterns, that demonstrate Chinese and local influences, are well known. Chinese influences can be seen in Cirebon’s culture, most notably the Cirebon batik Megamendung pattern that resembles Chinese cloud imagery. The Trusmi area is the production center of Cirebon batik. Cirebon Glass Painting is another aspect of Cirebon arts and crafts. The imagery in glass painting is usually derived from wayang theme to Islamic calligraphy.

Well, We must Proud became Chinese Peranakan at Cirebon.

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